Thursday, June 21, 2012

Interview with Brianna from Imma Be Beauty

When did your love for make up begin?
I've always had a love for makeup, but I never really knew what I was doing with it, and I didn't experiment with it much. I got really into makeup, and learning how to wear it properly and doing a bunch of new things with it back in March when I became a promoter/model for Southern Sweetheart cosmetics.

What is better in your opinion Primer or a base?
Honestly I've never used a base. From what I've learned, primer is used to prevent creasing, whereas a base is used to help get the makeup to stick better to your lids and give you a more pigmented look. The primer I use works fairly well as a base, as it's a little sticky and gives me the bright colors I want. I really need to pick out some kid of base and try it out.

What type of brushes do you prefer?
I haven't tried many brushes. I love the ELF ones. The ones I'm currently using are Got a handle on it cosmetic brush set from Claire's, and they're great. I definitely prefer the firmer brushes.

Have you ever purchased from an Indie Company? If so which ones?
Southern Sweetheart Cosmetics is the only indie company I've bought/tried, and I'm more than satisfied with them. There are a couple Indie companies that I'm looking at trying out.

What is your "go-to" look?
Personally I think you can never go wrong with a smokey-eye look. I always like to add some color to it. I love doing a purple smokey eye with SSC's jokers wild. My other go to look is a blend of bright colors (usually blue, green and either yellow or purple)

Who is your favorite commercial brand?
Like I said, I wasn't into makeup much until the last couple months, so honestly I haven't tried many companies out there. I love MAC and ELF.

What inspires you the most when doing make up?
I can get inspired by so many different things. I get inspired by my fellow makeup ladies, by songs or movies, random pictures I see on the internet... I can really get inspiration anywhere.

Which do you prefer Indie or Commercial companies? Why?
I prefer indie companies. Say you had a question about an eyeshadow. If you want to talk to the OWNER of Southern Sweetheart Cosmetics about one of her products, you simply send her a message with your question, and she is right there with an answer. What would happen if you tried that with a commercial company?

What is your favorite product that you own?
I'm in love with my waterproof eyeliner pen from ELF right now. I just got it and I can't seem to put it down. Other than that, I'd say my favorite shadow, by far, is SSC's jokers wild.

What do you like most about buying from Indie Companies?
I like supporting the "underdog". I love that I'm helping someone's dream come true and helping someone out food on their family's table, or helping them pay for college, etc. I don't want to help buy some CEO a new top of the line car, they can do that on their own.

What do you like least about buying from Indie Companies?
Not speaking from personal experience here, because I have had nothing but positive experiences, but I've seen other's have a lot of problems with fake people in the industry. People who don't do the work but claim it as their own. Who repackage or misrepresent their company.

Do you have any suggestions for consumers who are looking to buy handmade products?
First of all, check out Southern Sweetheart Cosmetics =P Aside from that, I'd say research the company. Go to youtube and type in [company name] reviews. Don't be afraid to ask questions. And if you're still not sure buy (or win- a lot of indie companies have giveaways all the time) some samples and try them out for yourself.


Thank you Brianna for taking time out of your schedule to answer my questions!

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