Thursday, June 28, 2012

Interview with Tina from Dark Heart Designs

When did your love for makeup begin?
 I loved makeup when I was a child. I used to get into my mom’s all the time, and she would let me as long as it wasn’t in public, and from the looks that my father gave me when he saw it, that was probably a good thing.
Is there a story behind your company’s name?
I originally thought of the name when I was doing some sketches in my notebook while I was still doing a lot of writing and drawing. I didn’t actually use it though, until I started working on websites and web design. I did that for about a year, got into makeup, and I loved the name because I always felt it was what I wanted to portray, so I kept it and turned it into a real brand.
What is your company’s main goal?
I want Dark Heart to inspire people more than anything. I want it to be a brand that makes you feel like you’re a part of something, and you’re special. I want people to take pride in their selves and feel confident in their own skin. I’ve thought of cosmetics as more of an art supply than a beauty enhancement, and I want people to know that I sincerely believe that they make the makeup beautiful, not the other way around.
How long have you been in business?
Dark Heart officially opened a shop on Etsy on March 19th , 2010
What is your favorite color you have created?
Oh, now that’s a hard one. I tend to wear Limelight more than any of the other colors, but I don’t know that I could choose. I love every one of them.
What is your favorite Commercial Brand of Make Up?
I think I would have to say Urban Decay or Illmasqua. I don’t have much of it, but I love their style and branding
What inspires you most?
I’d have to say a combination of music, movies, and books is where I get most, if not all of the inspiration for my products and colors, but it’s the customers that are my biggest inspiration.
Who is your biggest supporter of your business? (other than yourself lol)
The customers! They keep my business going. They give me a reason to keep doing something I really enjoy, and that means a lot to me. As for me, my family and friends keep me going, even when its midnight, and I’m exhausted with a bunch of orders and a day job to be at the next morning.
How did you choose your logo?
The first draft of my logo started as a sketch in my notebook, along with the company name. The newer version of the logo was drawn for me by a friend, and I feel both portray the brand, but the newer version does so a lot better, and I love the Burtonesque feel of it.
What do you like most about having your own company?
There is nothing more incredible than the knowledge that being able to do something you actually enjoy means something to others. I cannot possibly express how grateful I am to all the people who help make my dream a reality.
What do you like least about having your own company?
I think the hardest part of having your own company is that its so easy for things to get too personal. In my experience, indie companies usually have other things going on, or lives that require them to divide their attention between that, and their companies. There really isn't any 9-5 in indie so its not like there's time to work, and time to take care of personal things.

I know my day job leaves me very limited time to work on things for Dark Heart (2-3 hours a day), and most customers don't know what your situation is. When orders take longer to get sent out, get lost, there's something wrong with the product, there's something missing, or it just doesn't suit the customer, its really easy to get your feelings hurt, and possibly respond badly if you don't take the time to distance yourself and be professional.

Do you have any suggestions for consumers who are looking to buy handmade products?
Know your ingredients! I can't stress this enough. Its really easy to do a little homework, and find out what you're putting on your face. It can also tell you a lot about the product. Different ingredients have different texture, slip (how the product applies), and wear differently on different people. If you find a product you really like, and you know what is in it, you're more likely to be able to match similar products.

Being ingredient intelligent can help you determine what to buy, where to buy from, what products are vegan, dye free, what you may or may not be allergic to, and what products can really live up to their claims (organic, dye free, natural, etc).

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