Friday, June 15, 2012

Pretty Addictions Review

Recently I made my very first purchase with Pretty Addictions. I also received 10 clam-shells in a swap with Kas Swint the company owner. Pretty Addictions' customer service was quite amazing. Kas is a very sweet lady who always does her best to answer any questions about her products that anyone may have. My order was sent out within 3 days of placing which is very impressive and it came in a little gold bubble mailer. When I opened my mailbox and saw the gold the first thought that came to my mind was "Ive found the golden ticket". Once I got  the package inside I opened it to find an adorably wrapped cheetah print bag tied with a hot pink sparkly bow :) It made my day, along with an invoice of my purchase. The colors I received were all very beautiful & blend very easily. I will be ordering again in the very near future.

To see everything that Pretty Addictions has to offer click the link below

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  1. I love Kas and her goodies- she rocks, and so does PA!